Friday, January 15, 2010

The True Cost of Health Care. What is it?

As we watch this government at work? I would like to say our government but that is the furthest thing from the truth. What we have now is a government of payoffs, bribes and special interest groups. The founding fathers must be spinning like tops in their graves, watching the perversion of this country they created.
Back on point. We have been hearing of this payoff and that special deal, but it has not been compiled. I cannot remember them all, just one person here with some timers.
This will be ongoing so if you can think of or hear of another bribe list it.
Once a week I will compile all the new ones here at the top.
Why do this? Because the news media be it Fox or any of the MSM hacks only give a piece at a time and we forget, or at least I do. I believe that these figures are something we should be aware of, not just a piece but the grand total.
Let’s start here, and Thanks for your help. Let’s see what the real cost is going to be
Later Lenny MN

$500 Billion remove from Medicare
$287 Billion for Doctor fix
$300 Million Louisiana Purchase
$ ???? Nebraska’s sweet deal
$60 Billion Union Bribe
$ ????? 100% reimbursement for Medicaid for MN and 13 other states.
This is not completely done, yet. I got this info from
Amy Klobuchar’s office. They were very proud!
$ 1.2 Billion for Vt. & Ma in Medicaid money
$10 – 14 Billion for Community Health Centers
$ ???? Fl, NY& Pa Medicare advantage protection
Big cuts for everyone else.
$100 Million Ct. for Health care Facility
$ 600 Million Vt. for Medicaid kickback
One of my favorites
$ ???? Ill. and Buris Provision for Acorn Funding

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Greatest Cover-Up Of All: Vote Fraud

Vote Fraud In America
by James J. Condit Jr.
(first published in 1992, Updated in July 2003)

Sidebar on page one in original pamphlet:

You're running in your first election for City Council in a crowded field of 26 candidates. Nine will be elected. The No. 1 local anchorman comes on TV at about 9:15 PM and announces that you're going to do very well for a first time candidate, then flashes on the screen that you're running 12th; only three places from victory. Such a finish would give hope to all who were daring to "fight city hall."

Earlier in the evening, a liberal-leftist home-town university professor who was analyzing early returns for another local TV station had projected that your arch-rival, and his ally the sweetheart of the anti-God portion of the establishment was headed towards defeat.


At approximately 9:45 PM, the same anchorman announces that there has been a computer breakdown. 45 minutes later when the computers come back up, a massive switch has occurred. You and 7 other feisty challengers have fallen to the very bottom of the heap. The establishment sweetheart has jumped into a winning position against all odds. Despite unprecedented public dissatisfaction, the same old faces are elected once again. Many conclude that "you just can't fight city hall." Things have worked out just great for all those entrenched politicians who seemed to be the object of such public dissatisfaction right up to election day. The next morning, you scan the papers in vain for any mention of the computer breakdown: no record for posterity.

The above scenario is my story, but it was happening in dozens of places all across the nation. It was 1979 and a new day had quietly dawned in America - UNVERIFIABLE, RIGGABLE computerized vote tabulation. (end of sidebar)

Ballots for Bullets

When I was small I remember my Dad saying how in other countries they would shoot each other to decide the transfer of power. In our country it was done by the ballot at election time.

Millions of American soldiers have fought and bled and died to protect your right to free and fair elections; to protect your right to an orderly, peaceful transfer of power when the people so will.

How Your Parents' Votes Were Counted

Once upon a time, Americans voted by Paper Ballot. At the end of the day after the polls had closed, neighborhood people, Democrats and Republicans, worked together to count the votes in the precinct (polling place) BEFORE the votes left that precinct. The count was then posted at the precinct polling place for all to see. This is the only way to insure a verifiable election. Variations of method are possible, but the elements of physical ballots which are counted and posted at the precinct before the ballots leave each precinct are essential to insure a fair and honest count.

To rig an election with the above safeguards built in, one would have to bribe many hundreds of neighborhood people, including key Democrats and Republicans in each precinct you hoped to rig. Finally, the group of people bribed at each precinct would only have access to a tiny fraction of the vote.

The Greatest Coverup Begins

About 1974 a sinister development was in full swing all over the United States. In many areas, especially high populations regions, the votes were no longer being counted in the precincts by neighborhood people. The switch was on to computer vote counting systems. Typical was Cincinnati, Ohio where votes were bundled up immediately after the polls closed and sent to a mysterious central computer room to be counted by secret computer codes. To add insult to injury, the votes were counted away from the watchful eye of the entire electorate and the press.

Despite the brutal cover up that has been conducted for going on three decades by the news media and the major parties to prevent you from hearing about this issue, some major media news items have appeared. In a rare but superb news story on the eve of the 1988 Presidential election, Dan Rather (CBS Evening News) engaged in this exchange with computer expert Howard J. Strauss of Princeton University:

Rather: "Realistically, could the fix be put on in a national election?"

Strauss: "Get me a job with the company that writes the software for this program. (ed: Strauss was referring to the most common computer program in use) Then I'd have access to one third of the votes. Is that enough to fix a general election?"

"A House Without Doors"

In an earlier clip during this CBS interview, Howard J. Strauss dropped this bombshell: "When it comes to computerized elections, there are no safeguards. It's not a door without locks, it's a house without doors."

The most succinct introductory summary to this mind-blowing subject is found in the ground breaking book Votescam: The Stealing of America by James & Kenneth Collier. The following is quoted with permission granted by the late James Collier in 1991:

The chapter begins by quoting the first words spoken by President-elect, George Bush in his Nov. 8, 1988 victory speech in Houston, Texas. Bush said: "We can now speak the most majestic words a democracy can offer: "The people have spoken . . . "

The Colliers comment in the following brilliantly written passage:

It was not "the People" of the United States who did 'the speaking' on that election day, although most of them believed it was, and still believe it. In fact, the People did not speak at all. The voices most of us really heard that day were the voices of computers strong, loud, authoritative, unquestioned in their electronic finality . . .

The computers that spoke in November 1988 held in their inner workings small boxes that contained secret codes that only the sellers of the computers could read. The programs, or "source codes," were regarded as "trade secrets." The sellers of the vote-counting software zealously guarded their programs from the public, from election officials, from everyone on the dubious grounds that competitors could steal their ideas if the source codes were open to inspection . . .

You may ask: What "ideas" does it require to count something as simple as ballots? Can the "ideas" be much more complex than, let's say, a supermarket computerized cash register or an automatic bank teller machine?

The computer voting machines do not have to do anything complicated at all; they simply must be able to register votes for the correct candidate or party or proposal, tabulate them, count them up, and deliver arithmetically correct additions . . .

People with no formal training, even children, used to do it all the time. So why can't the public know what those secret source codes instruct the computers to do?

It only makes common sense that every gear, every mechanism, every nook and cranny of every part of the voting process ought to be in the sunlight, wide open to public view. How else can the public be reasonably assured that they are participating in an unrigged election where their vote actually means something? Yet one of the most mysterious, low-profile, covert, shadowy, questionable mechanisms of American democracy is the American vote count . . .

Computers in voting machines are effectively immune from checking and rechecking. If they are fixed, you cannot know it, and you cannot be sure at all of an honest tally.

If you understand the above quoted paragraphs, you understand the problem.

Crash, Cover-up, Lawsuit, Fix

Among the many struggles which have taken place all over the USA in the last few decades over this issue, I can speak about only one from first hand experience: Cincinnati, Ohio (part of which is covered on page 242-247 in the Collier book, Votescam) Fortunately, the Cincinnati case illustrates as well as any other instance how the establishment media and both major parties coalesce to thwart any attempt to get rid of their precious, riggable computer vote counting systems.

"How Elections Are Stolen" in American Opinion magazine (written in 1977 by Dr. Susan L.M. Huck, who later served as an aid to Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald, who disappeared during Korean flight 007) alerted me to the dangers of computerized vote counting systems. A great American patriot, the late Jim Stefanopoulus, (a man who proved to be uniquely providential in my life on several occasions) handed me the Huck article shortly after it was published. If Mr. Stefanopoulus had not handed me this article, I don't think I would have recognized the significance of the computer crash we witnessed on election night in 1979, i.e., that it was not an isolated incident, but a part of a nationwide pattern of computer crashes on election nights, invariably resulting in the "re-election" of incumbents.

When we actually witnessed our very own computer crash in 1979 (described near the beginning of this article) during which everything worked out perfectly for the "in-crowd" -- I knew something big and bad was up. When the Cincinnati newspapers failed to mention the computer crash the next morning and the accompanying candidate position shake up -- this was our first taste of the media blackout that dozens of other concerned citizens were experiencing all over the nation.

After due research and preparation, we filed suit against our local Board of Elections in 1981, and after 4 years of public service litigation conducted by my father, James J. Condit Sr., our side won a decisive victory. Judge Richard Niehaus ruled: "There is no adequate and proper safeguard against the computers being programmed to distort the election results." What the Judge's ruling means, Mommies and Daddies and Boys and Girls, is that thousands of your votes can be switched in the blink of an eye and no one would ever be the wiser!

Judge Niehaus also issued a court order allowing us and our chosen experts "to observe all phases of the election process" on election night 1985 with a view that we bring evidence back to his court so that the situation could be properly remedied.

Shortly before this court ruling, my mother-in-law, Kay Kleiner, a tireless crusader for our country since the 1950s, had providentially alerted me to a series called "Votescam" by the Collier brothers being carried in the Washington DC-based weekly newspaper, The Spotlight. Thanks to this tip, I was able to ask the Colliers to serve as two of our court-approved experts in 1985. As reported in their book, the Colliers had already video-filmed women punching votes out of voters' ballots at the Board of Elections on election night 1982 in Miami, Florida.

And to my surprise (but not to theirs), the Colliers also caught women on camera plucking votes out of punchcard ballots in Cincinnati, this time using household tweezers.

Disappointingly, Judge Niehaus (in his tennis shoes) was summoned down to the Board of Elections at about 7:30 PM on that 1985 election night by the heads of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The Judge, in a highly unusual move, modified his court order on the spot insisting that observing "all phases of the election process" did not include videotaping!

The audio portion of the confrontation between Ken Collier on the one hand, and the Judge and both local Party heads on the other, is captured on a video camera which was pointed at the floor during the tense exchange. The Colliers were told to quit videotaping under threat of arrest.

The next morning we appeared on the Jan Mickelson Show on WCKY Talk Radio. Mickelson, who is one of the top Talk Show Hosts in the country (now for many years on WHO in Des Moines, Iowa), was skeptical when Ken Collier asserted that we had video-film of women pulling votes out of ballots with common household tweezers. He shot a quick glance my way as if he were having second thoughts about having let us on the air at all. But then our credibility shot sky-high when no one from the Board of Elections was willing to come on the air against us.

Back to election night: While the Colliers' videotaping efforts were causing such consternation to the Election officials, our other court-approved expert, Mr. Robert Strunk, was moving quietly through the system with my Father.

Mr. Strunk, a highly respected computer analyst who once headed the Xavier University computer department, issued a magnificent report to the Court detailing why the computer vote counting system was NOT verifiable. Mr. Strunk said that to believe the published results under this computer system was "an act of faith."

Please observe that the conclusions of Mr. Strauss and Mr. Strunk, as well as the conclusions of dozens of other honest computer experts, agree completely on the unverifiability of these computer vote counting systems. As far as we know, there is not one computer expert in the nation who has gone on record in an attempt to refute these scholarly individuals.

Despite his previous fine decisions, Judge Niehaus, perhaps feeling the heat from the local power structure, excused himself from taking any action to remedy the riggable computer system by announcing that he was a "pacifist" judge whatever that means. In order to try and effect a remedy, we appealed, and two years later in 1987 our deplorable Court of Appeals dismissed the six year-old case stating absurdly that the county judge did not have any jurisdiction over the county computer vote counting system. (!!!) (And believe it or not, Hamilton County, Ohio, which houses Cincinnati, is STILL using the exact same easily rigged punch card system today in 2003.)

Whistle-blowers Emerge

In the meantime, something momentous happened. Two whistle-blowers had come forth from Cincinnati Bell. One of them eventually testified in convincing detail during court proceedings connected with our lawsuit that he had been involved in causing a computer crash while helping to alter the local 1979 election by wiretapping into our computer vote counting system. (The reader will recall that this was the very year we had been stunned by the candidate shake-up which occurred seemingly during the computer shutdown.). The key whistle-blower had already watched for several years as a Congressman, the FBI, and all the press stonewalled his evidence.

On election eve 1986, Cincinnatus Political Action Committee, our local political vehicle, had issued a press release asking the media how they could ignore Judge Niehaus's finding and continue to report local elections as business as usual when the same riggable computer system was still counting the votes. Only Channel 12 responded and took a brief statement from your writer, but the spot they aired right after Monday Night Football caught the attention of the key whistle-blower, and he contacted us the next day, election day '86.

After another year of being stonewalled, we convinced the frustrated whistle-blowers that the only way to break through the media censorship was to utilize a little known law which forces TV and radio stations to accept a candidate's political ads provided no obscenity is involved.

Days before our TV ad featuring the whistle-blowers was to air, Judge Niehaus again played a key role when he ruled favorably on my Father's request to allow the key whistle-blower to enter his sworn testimony about wiretapping the computer on election nights as well as causing that crash in 1979 into our suit against the Board of Elections, which had not yet been thrown out by the Court of Appeals. Together the TV ad and the sworn testimony combined to spark the only two significant local major media reports that have ever appeared. Anchor Nick Clooney and reporter Mary Krutko of Channel 12 aired an excellent, in-depth local TV segment, and twenty minutes later during the same newscast our TV ad featuring the whistle-blowers ran.

The next morning (Oct. 30, 1987), reporter Randy Ludlow wrote an outstanding article in the Cincinnati Post. But these two reports alerted the Media Moguls that word was getting out to the public -- and the media curtain of censorship was slammed down over all local establishment media, i.e., the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cincinnati Post, Channel 5 (NBC), Channel 9 (CBS at that time), Channel 12 (ABC at that time).

WLW Radio Talk Show Host Mike McConnell gave wiretappers Gates and Drais, as well as myself, a forum, and WLW night talk show host Bill Cunningham interviewed Gates and Drais.

After several meetings with Gates, Drais, and myself -- a now defunct neighborhood paper, The Mount Washington Press, embarked on a series of articles about the controversy, primarily spearheaded by reporter Gregory Flannery. Flannery is now at the downtown "alternative press" paper City Beat, where reporter Maria Rogers wrote an in depth article on the votefraud issue in the November 2002 issue.

Eventually a cornucopia of establishment press coverage did ensue but it focused on all the other aspects of the wiretap story, while maintaining the brutal cover-up of the computerized vote fraud issue. All the rest of the coverage was devoted to relative trivia such as which millionaires and organizations had been allegedly phone tapped, speculation as to why, etc. etc. etc.

By time the smoke had cleared in the wiretapping story, 5 policemen had resigned in disgrace and Cincinnati Bell admitted one of its trucks had been used in wiretapping activities. The Wall Street Journal had mentioned the story. Local Cincinnati newspapers, TV, and radio stations combined to carry over 400 reports. Even the national CBS program 60 Minutes aired a segment on the Cincinnati wiretapping story, but again suppressing the computerized votefraud apsect of the story. In a 1989 court proceeding between wiretapper Leonard Gates Cincinnati Bell, the chief computer man at the local Board of Elections admitted under oath that if someone had the relevant codes he would have a 100% chance to alter the election results.

So, omitted from all major local and national media press coverage up to November, 1988 -- with the two already noted exceptions, was any intelligible reporting on the computerized votefraud aspect of the story. (Several of the highly explosive radio shows featuring the Colliers, the whistle-blowers, and myself are preserved on audiotape. Our TV commercial featuring the whistle-blowers and the local Channel 12 spot is preserved on videotape as is an hour interview which I conducted with one of the whistle-blowers early on just in case we had not been able to break through the media curtain.)

New Yorker Magazine, Dan Rather, and the U.S. Department of Commerce

Even though 99% of the investigative reporting on votescam has been done by private citizens and non-establishment investigators (for instance, while the "respectable" New York Times has done only 3 stories on the subject, the "persona non grata" Spotlight weekly was carrying over 300 stories), there have been enough establishment sponsored stories to demonstrate that the major news media has what some call "guilty knowledge."

On the eve of the Bush-Dukakis election, Ronnie Dugger broke the almost total silence in the major media on votescam when his article "The Dangers of Computerized Voting" appeared as a cover story in the Nov. 7, 1988 issue of New Yorker magazine (This dynamite article is available in most libraries).

Dugger, who visited me for a week in Cincinnati during the wiretapping uproar, exerted his journalistic skills to present this issue in an undeniably credible manner. He documented the activities of many and varied citizens, candidates, and experts generally unknown to each other who have been working on the votescam issue in virtually every region of the country from the early 70's to the present day.

Within days of the appearance of the Dugger cover story in The New Yorker magazine, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather carried the only report on the computerized votefraud issue to date to appear on a major national TV network, featuring computer expert Dr. Howard J. Strauss. We have also preserved this excellent 5 minute report on videotape.

In August of 1988, the U.S. Bureau of Commerce published a comprehensive study under the auspices of the National Bureau of Standards by Roy G. Saltman, Special Publication 500-158 entitled "Accuracy, Integrity, and Security in Computerized Vote-Tallying." (There is also rumored to be a second volume of the Saltman study, but we have never seen it.)

This is probably the most comprehensive compilation of all the lawsuits and other aspects which surround the issue of computerized voting published thus far. This government study supports Dugger's article, as well as supplies mountains of evidence documenting the problems with computer vote-counting systems.

The fact that Saltman failed to pick up our Cincinnati case -- which featured both the most decisive judicial ruling and the only whistle-blower to come forth to date on the computerized votefraud issue -- demonstrates the difficulty faced by even a well-funded government agency in compiling a comprehensive list of all the local and sporadic efforts that have been conducted to expose the dangers of computerized vote tabulating.

Even -- as this updated version is written -- after the 2000 Presidential election fiasco -- the thus-far successful suppression of the computerized votescam issue from widespread public notice, debate and understanding -- is a chilling demonstration of major media censorship in America.

Why Does the Board Of Elections Exist?

The Boards of Election exist for one reason: to guarantee that the results published on election night are in fact what the people voted that day, i.e., the will of the people; to insure in a way that can be verified that what the people voted in the thousands of neighborhood polling places is what shows up as the final results. It doesn't matter how many pieces of literature are distributed, or how many TV campaign commercials run, or how much shouting goes on, or how many debates are televised -- if the votes are not counted accurately.

If the computer programs which "count" our votes are poised to switch key votes in the blink of an eye, the rest just doesn't matter. As computer whiz Howard J. Strauss said at the end of that lonely 1988 CBS Evening News report: "Should we make it voluntary that we have safe elections or should we demand safe elections?"

The new computerized vote-counting systems are constructed so that nothing can verified or proven. No one except the faceless expert who writes the vote-tabulating program has any idea of what is in it. And not even that programmer can be positive that some other clever computer expert has not devised a way to tamper with his program on election night.

It is not my job, or your job, to prove that votefraud has occurred in any given election. It is the job of the Board of Elections to prove to US, the public, that sufficient safeguards are in place to prevent votefraud, as far as is humanly possible.

The only way to insure this all important "verifiability" is for neighborhood people to count paper ballots in full public view BEFORE the votes leave the neighborhood precinct, and then post the results immediately at that polling place for all to see. Impossible? India (the world's largest democracy), Great Britain, and Canada -- have used the paper ballot method all along -- and still use it today.

I charge that we have thousands of people holding public offices that were never elected to those offices by the people, but were put in by computerized votefraud. I charge that millions of taxpayers are paying taxes that were never passed by the people, but were made to look like they passed by computerized votefraud. You, dear reader, cannot prove my charges wrong -- and neither can anyone else in the United States of America. That is an absolutely intolerable state of affairs.

The Board of Election officials at the local, state, and national levels, together with the "mainstream" news media, are maintaining, both explicitly and implicitly, that the election night results are verifiable and above reproach. THIS PRETENSE IS AN OBJECTIVE FRAUD.

It is a fraud which involves an essential cornerstone of freedom in our country: our right to vote, which, the Supreme Court has ruled, includes the right that our vote be counted accurately. Without these rights regarding the vote, the "consent of the governed" becomes a meaningless phrase.

Whether that fraud is limited to the objective deception that computerized vote counts are safe and verifiable -- or whether it extends to include the silent rigging of thousands of U.S. elections by silent, computerized votefraud over the last 30 years, 1973 to 2003, (as I believe to be the case) -- either way -- this pamphlet is aptly titled, "The Greatest Cover-Up of All: VoteFraud in America."

Friday, January 8, 2010

What’s Next

The Obama administration has come out and said that their big push for this next year will be to straighten out the immigration problem. If this is going to be anything like Health Care we are in deep DO DO. I could have put it another way but you get the point.
The Socialist-Marxist administration (will be referred to from here on as So-Marks) we have in power now have been doing everything they can to dismantle our country, one piece at a time. That in not a prediction it is just the facts that we see every day. Our country is suffering from a reported unemployment of 10%; actually it is over 17% and not looking up. It is reported now that unemployment will stay above 9% for at least the next year if everything goes well.
As a president and leader Obama the man that would be president is a failure. I would go so far to say we would be better off or at least no worse off and in the same place as we are now, if this country would have put a high school class president in charge. You see it takes more than an election to make a person President. History gives that title. The election only gives a person the tools, opportunity and power to prove they have the leadership ability to become the President.
Most of the time I keep my predictions to myself and family, they have to put up with me, nobody else does.
As of right now we have about +/- 15 million illegal aliens in our country just from south of the border. What are the So-Marks going to do? Think of it this way, the Dem’s in DC are seeing their crew running like rats from a sinking ship. Dodd is gone, that guy from North Dakota, Nelson from Nebraska is in big trouble and Reid my be on his last stand. How can they grow their ranks, quickly? Remember those 15million? How could this be implemented? In Florida there is a program called Wet Foot/ Dry Foot. This program gives sanctuary to Cuban refugees, those trying to escape Castro. Only catch is that they have to put a foot on dry land. If they are caught before, they go back. I do support this program. Why, because these people are trying to get away from a terrine to find freedom.
What could Obama and the So-Marks do with this? How about a Dry Foot/ Dry Foot program. You get over the fence and you are patriated and those already here are good to stay, LEGALLY, scary huh?
Do I have any facts on this? Nope. But after watching what has happened this year.
Look at Cap and Trade/ Tax, the must have Stimulus package, the promise that unemployment would not go above 8%, the take over of the banking industry, the just given blank check to Fanny / Freddy and the EPA getting a reported $90 Billion, this is how the Cap and Tax thing may get done. Congress will not be involved, no checks and balance, just going around our constitution.
What can we do? Congress needs to be reminded often that we are still watching. We are not just focused on the elections, we are watching everything that they are doing, always, and we are no longer sleeping. Just accepting what our representatives are doing.
Remember the Rats running from that sinking ship? They are scared; we need to keep them that way, and we need to stay one step ahead. Always being vigilant, does that sound like a lot of work? It is, but there is a bunch of us around our country willing to help restore our land and its values. Everyone here is a member of that group
Our focus on the precinct fight is great and just the beginning; we cannot just have tunnel vision. That is exactly what the So-Marks are hoping for. There are so many battles going on right now and there are new ones starting on many fronts.
Conspiracy Theories, maybe but if that is the case I will have to renew my membership in the T.H.A. (Tin Hats Anonymous) I have seen more and more of those shinny silver hat on the streets of late.
Do with this what you will, but if nothing else open your eyes and ears and make sure your rep. retains some level of fear in you a very strong member of WE THE PEOPLE, they do work for you and me and we can fire them, just ask Sen. Dodd.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Inner Moving’s of Congress!

The last couple of weeks we have been able to watch up close and personal, the inner moving’s of our congress. The Ex Lax bill has to be close to the national debt by now, for this much crap to be spewed forth by so few people, they must be getting help, or have a medical problem. I do feel sorry for them employees of the DC Sanitation Dept.
Forget about representation, the only question now is what is your vote worth? Look at it this way, $300,000,000 for LA., and Nebraska S000,000.000,000 we don’t know. Yet, this one is open ended. I am beginning to feel left out here in MN. Our Senator’s Amy Klobuchar and Al Frankinstein. got nothing for their sell out. Unless, and this is only a rumor, Al and Amy, it is said, have Vote For Sale signs in front of their office doors. Again only a rumor. Forget about the constitutionally of what is being done there. They Don’t Care about no stinking Constitution, it is just an old dead bunch of words that needs to be changed, you know brought up to date. Just ask the fool who is said to be a constitutional lawyer and scholar, Mr B. Obama. We as people of this country need to forget about what made this country great. Freedom to excel in business, science, literature, whatever we choose, without government intervention or oversight. The things that are happening in DC these days are not close to what our founding fathers envisioned. What has been lost, let’s see We the People, according to DC. We represent the ill-informed lost lambs that need to be taken care of; We are just not smart enough to understand the tough choices that they have to make for us. We don’t or are unable to understand how this Health Care Reform or Cap and Trade or the taking control of private business is sooooo much better for us. We don’t understand that spending money We (that is you and me) don’t have is so much better for the country. Therefore, like small children, Mommy and Daddy, Pelosie and Reid must know so much more that we do (in their own minds). Let me elaborate by putting it another way. You weigh 680 lbs. and you say I need to lose a lot of this weight (debt) because it is not healthy, Mommy and Daddy say oh, don’t worry I have lunch here for you, 18 pecan pies with ice cream and whip cream and 24 double cheese burgers not to mention the soda’s at least a case but more if you want. That is just your midday snack. Sound nuts? Well Mommy and Daddy (hence forth Mommy & Daddy will refer to Pelosie & Ried) have us 12.4 trillion in debt and want to spend another 2.5 trillion we don’t have.
WE NEED TO GO ON A DIET, a starvation diet. Stop spending and printing money WE don’t have and as of right now have no way of getting without borrowing. The fools we have sent to represent us have lost their way and forgotten whom they work for. For that matter as of now, they don’t care whom they work for or what we what we think.
I have a proposal to put forth, Gee that sounds like I work for the government. I just threw my chest out, just realizing my self importance. Oh wait a minuet I don’t have any, self importance that is. Oh well so much for my career in politics. Back to my proposal.
I think we should or need to change a couple of names and I will explain.
The Senate, I think should be changed to the Bunny Ranch DC division. This in reference to that long standing establishment in Reid’s home state. Face it when you act like a pimp just calling a spade a spade. Hell he ain’t even a good pimp he’s paying everybody for what he wants, their vote. Let me correct that, We are paying for what he wants.
The House of Representative’s should be changed to The House of Happy Hookers with Madam Pelosie in charge, so she thinks anyway. The bottom line, We are getting F*%KED. Now before I start getting nasty emails. I don’t mean to disrespect the people in that oldest of all professions by comparing them to such lazy and dishonest people, those who have an overwhelming view of their self worth and own importance. By ignoring the wishes of the people who have made those wishes well known. Look at any poll that is out there. We are being told by their actions that we don’t matter or are not smart enough to understand what is best for us, our state, or our country. My response? BULL S&%T. I understand how to live on a budget, not an unlimited one but within my means, my earnings. How did increase my earnings? The same as every one of you, worked longer or harder. I did not have the ability to just raise or not pay taxes.
Who is responsible for this mess?
I am, yep me, how, by not being involved in what was going on in government. I was building a business and trying to give my family a better life. Little did I realize I was giving it away to a Mommy and Daddy, I didn’t even know.
I voted in every election, uneducated in who was running for office and what they stood for, much the same as every one else. Do I sound pissed? Well I am, at whom, ME, I did what I did and now it is up to me to do my part to get back what was given to me,
MY COUNTRY. This land and my freedoms were paid for by our armed forces, from the beginning and I got lazy. Am I pissed at any one else? Nope. People have to answer to themselves for what they have done. Some will continue to sit and let it happen.
I am looking forward to the time when I can say that I am proud of what my governor or senator or representative has done while in office. I look forward to a time when my representative looks forward to hearing from me as a constituent. I am tired of being ignored.
I don’t have any idea if that is important to you or not. This is not directed at anyone but me, you see I have to look at myself in the mirror and I need to be happy with what I did and stood for.
Lets face it I enjoy a good protest as much as the next guy or gal. Hey I grew up in the late 60’s and I remember. I just don’t believe that we have time for that. I also don’t believe that the protests are where the power is. The power is with a voice in who will run for office. The candidate that I will support is going to know my face and what I expect from him or her and also my name when I call. One other thing that person will be aware of
Do I rant about having the power and where it is? Yep. Do I think all of us here should be involved in our precincts Yep? Can I make that happen Nope, That is up to each one of us, I can’t and won’t drag anyone out to help. You are the one that will have to make that choice. All I know is that I will be able to look in the mirror and say I did my best.
Will I keep Ranting about involvement in your precinct? Let me put it this way, in Vegas odds are better than 1000 / 1 right now. They may go higher.
In another I put up this list, there are 3141 counties in the USA and there is an average of 4 precincts in each county, some more some less. That is 12,564 precincts in the country.
There were 1,500,000 people at the 9/12 in DC. Let’s just say that the number was actually 1,000,000 / 12,564 = 79.59 let say 80. That is an average of 80 people per precinct. It takes for the most part 5-10 to take over a precinct. Do you think we could control and remake the Republican Party with those numbers? The answer to that is Yes.
Can anyone become a delegate? Yes, but it will be up to you, your choice, your Country and it is all of our responsibility to regain, retake the land WE WERE GIVEN.
Later Lenny MN

To leanr about your precinct go to

Want to leard about your Constitution go here. There is about 7hrs. of video to watch in 43 different sections

And last but not least another place to Rant.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Of,By and For

Three word from our constitution, anybody ever thought about what they mean? Let's take them apart and look at them one at a time.
OF the people. The dictionary says it this way "From the total or group comprising or Composed or made from" to me that means a representative from of government. Which is exactly what we are supposed to have, according to our constitution. Our representatives are required to do our wishes or support our believes. This is something that has been lost. Being a representative is an honor, not a career choice. A lot of our representatives go to Washington DC and sell their souls, principals and our desires to the highest bidder or to a party. The thought of what is best for their constituents is a lost concept or seems to be. Of the people is something we have given away and We are the only ones who can take what was given to US by our founding fathers back.
BY the people. This is were our work comes in. I along with most everyone else have been sitting on our collective duffs and giving our country away, hell we even paid to have it taken away. Sorry statement but true. Whose fault is it? All of ours. So what do we do now? It is time to get up, quit yelling at the TV and get involved. Were? At our local level, in our precinct, when, now. Protests are great but that is not were the power or the change will come from.
Change will come when we all get out and start working toward taking our country back. Get a voice, How, become a delegate for your district, put another way, for your neighborhood, your home.
This is were the power is. Politicians are only worried before an election, much like a union official. Don't get me wrong there is a place for unions but that place is not buying votes from our elected officials.
Let me tell you a true story. A number of years ago I was getting ready to leave work. Just then the president, business agent, treasure and my rep came in to the break room. They wanted all of us to sign a running donation for $15.00 to the union, this was 1981. After asking several of the others the pres. came to me and asked for my donation. I said no. Needless to say he wasn't happy and asked why.
My response was "you don't want to know, and I am going home". I was then told I could not leave until I told him why I wouldn't kick in. My response " I am leaving" To make a long story short I went to the time clock and was getting ready to leave. The pres. followed and his voice rose a bit. He did get the attention of the crew, both shifts. I was left with no choice but to give him my answer.
I told him that the only time I saw him was for one of two things. He asked what they were and so I gave them to him
1) when he wanted my vote and 2) when he wanted to stick his hand in my pocket.
His response was that it was not true and that he was there all the time.
Well having two shifts standing watching and listening I ask " anybody seen him around here? Not one person answered, there was silence.
A lot of our elected officials are just the same. We see them or hear from them for one of two things. Not all but most and it has gotten worse with most of the people we have now, be it state, federal, or city.
We have one way to take back our country, through the election process. It is our responsibility as citizen's of this country to become involved in the elections. That is what the by the people means. We cannot delegate away our duty and then complain. If we do not accept our duty we deserve what we get. The one thing I can guaranty is that it won't be good.
How do you get involved? Through the precinct level, become a delegate take a voice in your community or support someone who has the same vision.
I don't know about you but I am scared. I want the country for my kids and grand kids that I grew up in. The Country that offered the opportunity to succeed to the level that I am willing to work for. The only limit is the limit I put on myself. Free of government control that would take away my freedom of choice.
I could rant on but this is what the BY portion of our constitution means to me.
Our time is short and the amount of work would seem overwhelming but it is not.
Let's look at it this way. There are 3141 counties in the USA, on average there are 4 precincts per county, some more some less. That is 12,564 precincts in the country. There were 1.5 million people in Washington for the 9/12 project. That is 119 people per precinct. We have the numbers to take over the Republican party and remake it into what WE THE PEOPLE want, and then we can remove the garbage form our capital, using the constitution and doing it peacefully. Using the tools that were given to us by the forefathers.
We do need to choose the right people to represent us also, we need to meet and speak with those who would want to take on this job. Look them in the eyes and learn what they are made of, ask the right questions and listen to their answers carefully. WE THE PEOPLE need to be willing to do the work. If not SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DON'T COMPLAIN WHAT YOU GET. The ball is in our court and the only person to blame is the one looking back at us from the mirror. This is a daunting task with very little time left to get ready.
What is the first task, learn about the requirements for your particular precinct, how? At the end I will post a link to a place will teach all of us what is needed.
That is all I can do, you have to step up and do your own research for your area and then talk to your neighbor's. Form a plan for you and your friends, get prepared. When you go to your precinct caucus have a plan. Don't enter like a babe in the woods, know who will be your delegate and bring the people with you to elect them. They will be your voice, keep in touch with whoever that is, keep them accountable for their decisions. It is up to all of us, not just me, not just you, but we are collectively responsible.
Now the last part the FOR in For the People. I think we all have a idea of what this means. I cannot speak for everyone but I will try to give this a finish.
For, to me is that the person that is sent as a representative, is there for me, not a political party or special interest group. They should not be answerable to a Harry Ried or anyone else. Answerable to the people of my state or district. Supporting the wishes of the majority of their constituents. How are they going to know what we think? They should listen or ask and face us. After a important vote he or she should face us and answer for their vote and show that the majority felt that way. The will of the people, the majority of the people. I do not my representative to be making deals behind closed doors, things dune in the dark are usually bad. A preachers wife once told me that the appearance of impropriety is worse than the impropriety, it leads to speculation and distrust. There are no good reasons to keep information from the people.
We let the Acorn's and SEIU's have their way behind closed doors and we for the most part did nothing. Is it too late NO but our work is cut out for us.
Will protests do the job? Nope, by that time it will be too late. Remember the only fear that the officials have is loosing their cushy jobs.
Your rep. should know who most of you are.
Amy Klobuchar the senator from MN is on my speed dial. She has gotten to the place were she doesn't even take your name when you call, all that is asked for is your zip code, think she cares about her constituents? My answer is NO. We live in the most technologically advanced country in the world. Yet when you call Washington the legislators don't even use a recording device. I am not sure about all but I know that the White House and the Senators from MN have someone speak to you in person. Having asked these people how they can get it all I was told they get the idea. Not Acceptable. After a 5min conversation I am sure that what Amy was given was a scratch under Pissed or not happy. Those are not the words that I used.
The people that were sent to what ever place to represent us are there for our wishes. To carry the desires of the people. I believe that we expect them to be fiscally responsible, you don't spend money you don't have. We and our representatives are or should not be allowed to counterfeit money. If what you are printing is not worth anything it is counterfeit, thank you FED.
Well I have given you my thoughts and to that point you are responsible for your actions and your part in what will be happening to our country. Again I believe the protests are good for what they are. April Tax day, August 28 will be great and will be heard, but most likely we will be ignored and forgotten soon after. The power that we have and our responsibility is to be involved in the start. How do we put fear into the people in office? I have a hard time calling them representatives. The fear will come when we turn the lights on them and begin to remove them from office, by removing the power they think they have. Most of them feel untouchable and better or above those they were sent to work for.
I have ranted enough for now. Below you will find a place to learn about the process and what you need to do. In Nevada they took over the Republican party, the old school people who believed they had the power were removed, that can happen anywhere.
Who am I? I'm a nobody and an everybody. A person who sat back and let this mess happen, yelled at the boob tube and sat back down in my easy chair. I am now one of the 20% that has broken the mold, got up and got involved. What have I done? That don't matter I am just one working in my state. What matters is what we all do together, the accomplishments of the many.
It will take all of us to get this done. Soo the ball is now in your court and it is your choice. These are just my opnions and you have the right to accept or reject what you have been reading. That is your right, for now.
Later Lenny MN
To leanr about your precinct go to

Want to leard about your Constitution go here. There is about 7hrs. of video to watch in 43 different sections

And last but not least another place to Rant.

Monday, November 16, 2009

So You Want Your Country Back?

Well in that case we need to start at the bottom. We need to take control of our precinct so we can have a voice in who will be on the ballet. Sounds like a big job that us little people don't have a chance with. So how do we go about taking over a precinct. It's not as hard as you might think. What is the starting point?

OK folks taking over a precink is not that tough. Talk with your neighbors and see who is in agreement with you, our's here in MN will be Feb2, 2010. Bring a group with you, when the vote for chair comes up have your group vote for you. Guess what you win and you have control. This is what it will take. We are going to have to rebuild the republican party from the bottom up. The time to start is now, We can sit at our computers and Bitch back and forth, tell me what the difference is between this and what I bet most of us were doing. I know I was one of the sheep yelling at the TV and I will bet a good portion of us were in the same boat. We broke the mold, only about 20% will. Hey taking over your precink will, be easy, again talk to your friends the folks next door or down the street.
I started Sat. neighbor stopped over asking for some birch branches started about the area and bang. Told her and her adilt daughtor what I wanted to do. Their responce, Let us know when you are going and we will be glad to support you. One conversation and three votes. In most precinks you only need about eight votes to take control, and then you have a voice on who is backed by the party. Angel, like you said "it will take more than three of us" that's right but the people are out their looking for someone to follow.
We are the start, this or part of this is on our shoulders. I am just talking about us, add in the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, The Club for Growth, Red,Right and Brew, the list of groups out there is huge. We have what 1400 members here, let's say only half step up, that's 700 precinks now add in the rest of the org. out there. The numbers are staggering and we will truly get a goverment
Friends we need to start now, the fight as you all know will start way before Nov. 2010, it will start in the neiborhoods at the precinks level, school boards, city counsil.
This can be done, talk to people, get them to support you , what you are doing. We can take back our country it will just take some work.
Later Lenny

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Shiek is coming, with his buds

Five 9/11 Suspects to Face Trial Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Gitmo detainees will face trial in a civilian federal court.
This is a travesty, I call the WH today, what a joke. Got a woman of color (not opinion just fact) instead of a recording she was writing my statement down free hand. They got about three sentences and then cut me off. I was told "we got your basic idea, you don't want the sheik to come here"
Here is what the pres. was supposed to get, you can agree or not
Mr. Obama I would like to voice my displeasure at You and the Attorney General Eric Holder. took an oath to protect this country. You sir have not secured your place in history yet, but the records are being written.
To bring these terrorist here and give them our right is unconscionable, you sir may go down as the best asset a terror organisation received in our country.
I assume that you are just concerned about your Muslim brother, your picture worshiping at a mosque sort of tells it all.
Mr. Jimmy Carter is remembered as the worst president this country has ever had. You my go down as the only president who will be remembered as a traitor.
The oath that you took sir on your big day means more than you are the big dog that gets to live and party in the big white house, on someone elses dime, LET'S PARTY
It is time to start doing the job you wanted! YOU swore to protect this country and our constitution. Not give aid and comfort to our enemies!